Monday, March 9, 2015

A Pocket Full of Sunshine

Wow it was an amazing week..... We had 6 people come out to church this week and well I'll tell you the story of all of them

S is the mom of 3 girls and has a boyfriend that drinks a ton and turns out to be a less active member. We found her last Monday. We taught her and the girls lesson one which was alright, and then we invited her to pray and the end of the lesson. It was probably one of the most from the heart prayers I have ever heard in my entire life. She pleaded with God that her boyfriend leaves the alcohol and that her family can be happy. God really did lead us to her house in a time of need. We had another lesson with here Saturday and she had already read like 15 pages in the book of Mormon and she had told us she was going to church before we even said anything. And her daughters were fighting over the book of Mormon so we had to give them all one. She is starting on journey to the happiness :) They all showed up to church walking like an hour in some really hot weather

He is a young man we found last Sunday. Super nice kid but he is a little timid. He is 17 but doesn't know how to read and is really timid. We are going to help him open up a little bit with the youth in the church and help him become closer to Christ. We are using a few of the youth from the ward in the lesson to help him feel loved.

The super smooth couple. they are super funny and are thinking about getting married so they can get baptized. They love the church and the other night we watched Meet the Mormons in the church with them and L also. A said that she almost cried when the missionary leaves his family  and they really are starting to see changes in their lives....The Relief Rociety gave A a teaching of the prophets book and she was soooooo happy. Her  and O were reading it Sunday night when we passed by. 

I'm soooooooooo grateful to be able to be helping these people on their personal path to the salvation. I know that this is the work of the lord and i enjoy each and every day. I love you all and pray for the people I'm teaching. I feel like we are so close to seeing miracles.

 I really am doing good.  The feelings of the mission are super hard to explain.  I have 0 free time and I'm enjoying myself lots... weird. Its sooooo against what the world thinks.

I feel like my mission is really starting to roll along :) I really feel good about where the work is going.

I got a little bit of mail and I heard that its opening back up so we will see what happens tomorrow :)  (Argentina has had a mail strike for the past month)
Elder Simmons

PS I saw a dude slit a throat of a pig, then it bled out and then they cooked it up and ate it.......... Ya crazy 

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