Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!

I would like to start out by giving a shout out to my one and only earthly father.... Todd. Happy Birthday big man. You made it to fifty.  (In the following weeks email
 To Tanner: Dad turned 46.  I thought you were joking last week when you said 50.  He really turned 46  From Tanner:  hahahahahaha for some reason i thought he turned 50....... woops. But if dad still thinks it a joke we will run with that.)  And good luck with you midlife crisis.... No I’m kidding stay safe. :) Anyways another week that absolutely flew by. And another week with lots of work and lots of sun. 

This week started out really well, because well I cooked up some tacos...... oh ya. We had a baptismal interview in a little town outside of Resistencia.
So we went and stayed in the Apartment of the elders there. Its super fun to get to know all these new places that I have never seen before, and mostly likely won’t ever see again. We also had some divisions this week with some elders that work more in the Center of the city. And wow it’s soo interesting how the money engulfs people. We walked a ton and really didn’t find a lot of people to teach except a few less actives... In our own area the work is great. Although no one came to know the only true church in the entire world this Sunday. :( but it’s all good because I have the next few Sundays for the next 18 months. We met a girl named Hope. And she is the best. It’s like this lady that’s 60. She is really interested in the Book of Mormon and she told us she wants to be our grandma in the mission.... hahahaha. She washed all of our white shirts made us a cake and gave us a bunch of food. I have also met a few other people that really are super good people. Unfortunately they don’t always accept the gospel...... :( it breaks my heart... But you just keep working. Like it says it says in John 3:16 Jesus Christ didn’t come to condemn the world but help the one sinner repent. And that why I’m here doing just that. Anyways I love what I do and I’m learning sooooooooooooo much.

Love you all

Elder Simmons

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