Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 30

Well here we are again, and once again I cannot believe another week has come and gone. I know I’ve said that a lot but it’s true. The time here isn’t real. I’m telling you it’s not. This was the last week of the transfer and well we worked hard. We also had consejo which is like a meeting of all the Zone leaders with the mission president. 

And we  watched Meet the Mormons, and ya I did cry, just a little bit.....

This week we also had some more service. We went to one of the houses of our investigator Dani. Who lives on a river basically.
And we got our weed eaters (machete) out and mowed the weeds. 

After Vilma, the wife,... Made 72 empanadas :)  It was pretty fun.
  Yesterday was transfers and president changed transfers to Monday, so most likely every new transfer I won’t write you till Tuesday. I’m still in the same place with the same companion :)  Today is the second day of this new transfer and  Elder Heaton and I are ready to get back to work. I’m not going to lie it’s a little bit hard sometimes... don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it. But without struggle there would not be growth. For example the Salem hills soccer team.  We lost for 2 straight years. The third year we broke records. The same goes for the mission. We just have to trust the promises of the Lord because he always comes through. Today my trainer, Elder Harris, goes home.  Ladies he’s single and a returned missionary. But really a few of my heroes in this mission went home today after two years. They are such an example to me :)
(Elder Harris on the left)

One cool lesson we had this week was with a lady named Hope. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she prayed to know if it’s true. She then opened up here bible to a random page and it said.. ´Be a Christian´ she took this as here answer.  I love what I do and I’m so blessed to be able to do it. I love you all.  You are in my prayers :)

Elder Simmons

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