Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yo Sup Dude

Well another week has come and gone and the speed that they are coming and going really scares me. At this point Christmas is going to be in 3 hours. They say times fly’s when you’re having fun. So I guess you can say I’m having fun. This week was super well obviously fun. We had a few services. One of them I sat there and broke up bricks for like an hour.

Then the member gave us like 20 hamburgers and I swelled up like I was on Creatin. And for the other service we helped another member set up a pool and a little bit of shade for their pool. haha.
I also went on division again this week with an elder Fraiser... Super super fun. I met a guy that literally worships the United States..... he told me I’m a higher race because I was born in the united states of America. Gooo bald eagle.  Elder Heaton and I have been working our booties of trying to find people that are prepared. We continue to search. We have found a lot of great people it’s just that are a tad bit lazy and don’t want to come to church. You know I’ve learned a ton about patience out here. We are just going to keep working because well that’s what we do. And it’s ok with me if we are baptizing loads and loads of people because I know we are doing what the Lord asks. I’ve always thought that we are just tools in the Lords hands.... and tools don’t have eyes. And sometimes they don’t get to see the finished product of their work and you know I’m ok with that...... Ive accepted I’m a tool without eyeballs.

Anyways love you all :)

<3 Elder Simmons

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