Monday, February 16, 2015

A Tucan pooped on my white shirt

Ladies and gentleman boys and girls.... Another week has come and gone.... This week was action pack to tell you the truth.. and it flew by. First off as you can tell by the subject of my Email a bird pooped on me. Wait a second now that I'm thinking about it.... two birds pooped on me this week. But as Spencer W Kimball once said.... ´No unhallowed hand (bird) can stop the work´ oh and there are these things here called Carpinchos (in thelargest rodent family--these  are the rodents of unusual size as seen in the movie Princess Bride). And they are the world's biggest rat. And I got to hold a baby one this week. And its sucked on my finger. So that was my encounters with mother nature this past week.

The second interesting thing that happend was I got robbed! We were walking down a street and there was still plenty of light when a guy came toward us and then pulled out like a 6 or 7 inch little knife dagger thingy. Then he came straight for me and told  me to give him my bag. So I willingly tossed it to him and we went our way. I didn't loose much. A book of Mormon and a bunch of pamphlets. the dudes going to be disappointed with what he found.... which is ironic because he found  salvation. I think the last time my heart beat that fast is when I had my first kiss.  When asked how scared he was his response was The same type of scenario has happened to me a thousand  times in video games.. so I was prepared.... No the truth is I just tossed him the bag without a second thought and then after my heart was beating out of my chest. It all happened so fast. It was like 3 seconds. A good story to tell my kids someday.    I do have to say that I really do know that the Lord protects us. I feel it very constantly in my mission.

 We also had Division this week with the Assistants to the president and the truth is they inspired me to be better. I realized I really can become such a better missionary and person. This week I finished reading the book of Mormon is Spanish again and no surprise it's still true. This time reading it through was a little more fun because well I actually understood it haha.   Unfortunately no one came to church again this week. It's sad and it's hard because we know what they are missing out on but we will continue to help them. Some people that we met this week are named Gxxx and Exxxx a couple that we met. They are super good people and really do have desires to change their lives they are just a little far from the church and just a tad bit busy. We have been contacting tons of people and trying to find the people that are prepared to hear our message.  I heard this last week that the two kids I baptized in my last area, their older brother was baptized and their mom is going to get baptized. I sure hope that she does because the kids need support and they want to be missionaries.  O wow if they go on a mission I'll cry :)  It reminds me that this really is the work of the Lord.

I am learning tons in this part of my mission especially how I can be a better missionary. You know something I really learned this week is that to secure our own salvation the best way to do it is to help people with there's. I mean look at the prophet, that man does not sleep but even just looking at him radiates a light and the spirit. Another example is Jesus Christ. All he did was serve and in doing that he was perfect. I am very grateful for this time in my life and I am so excited for the time I have here on this earth. I love you all and I hope you all have a great day. 

Love You
Elder Simmons

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