Monday, January 19, 2015

6 Months

Well well well I’ve been out here in the big field of the mission for 6 moths this last Friday :) and you can bet your bippy I bought ice cream. And you can also bet your bippy that I was sick on that day. And you can still bet your bippy that I ate the whole gallon of ice cream while I was sick :) and I don’t even know what a bippy is. 

This week was also one of the fastest weeks of my mission... I’m not sure how or why it’s getting faster and faster every day but it kind of freaking me out... I really can believe that 6 months has already come and gone. Wow it’s been a great 6 months. 

 We have divisions every week one or two times a week super fun. I love getting to know the other areas and elders. My companion and I are both zone leaders and it is a zone of 3 districts. 

This week was pretty interesting. We had an emergency transfer in our zone because a few of the missionaries were sick and another tore his mcl so had to go home to get surgery.  Half of our zone is new hahaha.   Elder Heaton and I were running around making sure everything was ok. One of the elders in our zone is a mini missionary, and he only serves for 1 transfer. The dude is a convert of 7 moths and he’s a champion. It’s one of my favorite thing is to hear about the conversions stories of people so I always ask. I also had the chance to do my first baptismal interview for a kid named Wakin.... It was super fun. The kids is 8 years old and full of energy and light. I also went to his baptism :) Other than that we having been working lots with the less active people and we have literally been talking with everyone to find the people that are prepared to be taught the restored gospel, because we know they are out there :) 

Gotta  go clean the apartment but love you all :)
Elder Simmons

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