Monday, January 12, 2015


Well another week has come and gone and it only goes by faster and faster...... I really cannot believe that this week I will complete 6 months in the mission. I feel like I just started. I also feel like I’ve hardly done anything hahaha I gotta get working. But I love every minute of it although my patience in being stretched like Laffy Taffy.
There are like 100 to 150 different churches in my area.... so that’s a little different than before. The people are more closed to our message you just have to work smarter. There are 10 in my district and 2 are the assistants to the president.  I  haven’t heard anything about the split of the mission but I know we are lacking missionaries right now.... in our zone there is like 18 or so.
I’m a lot busier now being the district and zone leader. I have like 5 minutes of free time. Mostly it’s just talking on the phone with other missionary’s answering questions and problems and also I give more talks for district meetings...
One of the lessons we taught this week was to a kid named Matias and after we explained he told us that wow that makes sense.  We shared the Book of Mormon and he said that he really does want to read it. We seta baptismal date and everything the only hard part is he is almost never home.
We still walk a ton hahahaha. But luckily there are buses here in Argentina that we use. I might have to get some shoes fixed hahaha. Our area right now (in comparison) is like from the hospital in Payson to Payson market and all the surrounding neighborhoods.... pretty big.
This week was really good.... We had counsel of leaders... a big meeting of all the Zone and District leaders in the mission where president talked to us. We are really focusing on Baptize, reactivate, and retain. There was a huge change in the numbers we use as missionaries. Well to me it’s big but to you.............. any ways. This morning I was buying stuff in the store and some random guy took a picture of me then said. My sister likes rubios.... then walked away hahaha so that new.  Shout out to my parents and their fantastic genes. We have been teaching our bums off here in Resistencia. You have to work intelligently here because the people are a little more rough and closed, but I love a good challenge. We got a few people to come out to church. One is going to get a divorce this week so he can get married so he can get baptized :) so we are working with him and his wife.... We have a good teaching pool but we have been literally talking with everyone. We have been trusting in the promise from our mission president when he told us there are people out there that are ready to accept our message and not just listen to it........ I think faith plays a bigger part in our lives than we think. The stripling warriors for example, they had so much faith that none of them died, even when the odds were greatly against them.. and none of them died.  I’m going to have lots of faith so I don’t die.... ;) really I have faith we will find the people that are prepared. Anyways love you all :)

Elder Simmons

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