Monday, November 3, 2014


Hello family friends, I’ll start out by saying. Congrats to the San Francisco Giants..... hahahahahah sorry I couldn’t help myself. Anyways it’s been the best week yet here in the mission field. It’s also been the rainiest week yet. But I like the rain; it gives us a break from the 110 degree weather.

 I hope everyone had a great Halloween cause it doesn't exist here. This week we taught a lot. After 2 months here the area is starting to roll. We have the opportunity to teach a lot of families. One family came to church this week. Which is a big accomplishment since coming to church is struggle for the people here. They were even soo dedicated that it was pouring rain and they showed up on their little scooter completely drenched. And then the first class they ever experienced was a class on the law of chastity...... But they said they loved it soooo yay!

 One day this week it was pouring, and we had to walk a good mile in the rain. I was completely soaked from socks to my stylish missionary haircut.

 But the truth is that those are moments I will never forget. Last night, we were teaching a family and the mom hates us. She told her sister that we brought diseases from the United States. But for some reason last night she listened to us. I’m not sure exactly what we said it was probably just my homie the spirit and she just opened up to us. She said that she wants to stop drinking she wants to change but she doesn't know how. We just bore testimony that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we can change and find happiness. You know I've really realized the importance of a mission. There are people that need this gospel more than I need the two years I gave up. But the other thing I realized is how easy it is for people to have missionary experiences even though they aren't a missionary.  I’m just some white kid form P-Town Utah, but I’m serious try sharing your testimony with a friend. Try giving out a book of Mormon. The amount of joy you will feel with give you a feeling that you will just want more and more of. Anyways love this gospel I know its true. Love all you peeps. Eat some Halloween candy for me. :)
Elder Simmons

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