Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well I can easily this was the best week when it came to teaching, Me and ol EIder Harris and the spirit made 2 moms cry, and got some more people to accept a baptismal date. This week we met a family, the Guato family. They have three kids who are all super cool and the mom who told us that the Catholic Church just doesn’t feel right. Aka she’s gold. So we have been teaching their family a lot this week. We had the most spiritual lesson with them. We started talking about the plan of salvation, which it was ok but I felt like something was missing. So I said a little prayer in my heart. The next thing you know Elder Harris shared a scripture and I shared my testimony and boom she was crying. We asked them if they want to get baptized and they said ya... I still to this day have no idea what we said. But the spirit is a real homie and helped us out a ton.  I also had an interview with President Franco. The man is soooo loving. Anyways he complimented me on my Spanish soooo pretty much up in the big leagues now. After the interview we took a bus an hour and a half back to our area. Without AC wow it was hotter than a dugout of summer ball. I seriously somehow fell asleep and when I woke up I was completely drenched. But don’t worry I showered. Other than that this week was full of a lot of finding knew people. Me and E Harris started really trying to use the tips in preach my gospel on how to begin teaching...... and wow that book is better than a grand slam. You wouldn’t believe the type of miracles we had the opportunity to see and the people we were able to find. Home runs bro.  

You know this week I’ve been reading 3 Nephi in the book of Mormon when Jesus comes. I really am excited for Jesus to come again. Sure it might be intense. But like the book of Mormon says that the righteous need not worry. I really want to prepare for that day. Sure you can say that this is really a cliché thing for a missionary to say but really that’s the reason why we are here on earth, to prepare to meet God. And sometimes living in the world there are so many distractions.   I’m soo grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. I love it so much....... Like baseball  and my family and all my friends. And while I’m at it shout out to all my missionary friends.

To Dad: One of the things that I really have learned on my mission is just how much drugs and alcohol tears families apart. It’s terrible. And thank for the help with the less actives. They are soooo hard to reactivate because the know it’s true but the just don’t want to go. Hey thank you for everything love you!

To Mom: Ya people here in the mission are focused a lot on the numbers. How many baptisms.... how many months... how many months I’ve been a leader. I really don’t want to get sucked into this number game because it’s really is so much more than that. And ya my number one pet peeve is when people pretend to be people they are not. And for that I will always be Tanner Simmons. It’s cool to hear you guys are having missionary experiences too. This Sunday we had 20 people tell us that they were going to go to church and none of them showed up. Me and elder Harris literally had the most spiritual week with the investigators but the hard part is we can drag them to church. They have to choose. I’ll make sure to send you guys some mail like once a month or so. And ya we have a lot of people praying for us. Anyways love you tons. Miss you thanks for everything!!

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