Monday, November 10, 2014


Well there was a lot of mud this week... Like a lot. It rained every single day this week except for Saturday and Sunday. Literally ever single street turned into a river. 

But that didn't stop us. I love it when we are walking down the street and it’s raining soo hard that you can’t see 100 feet in front of you cause of the rain drops, and people look at us like we are drunk or something. We just wave, throw thumbs up. To me that’s missionary work right there. I don’t know if people notice that. But if these 2 kids from Utah out in the middle of nowhere in Argentina during the rain, they must be sharing something important... Well we are.

It was another great week. We were able to see a few people come out to church. Mabel and her daughter, who were references from a recent convert and they are really interested in the church. The other was Inosencia. Who is the mom of a recent convert.  Inosencia speaks about as much Spanish as I do. She is literally a Lamanite and she speaks a language called Toba. It’s crazy and I don’t understand one word of it.  She doesn't really understand what we say but she told us that she feels the spirit every time we talk. I talked about her about a month back how her husband that passed away came to her in a dream and told her that she needs to listen to the missionaries because what they are saying is the truth. sooooooo ya. Alma 13:24. This is the last week of this transfer we will see what happens this next transfer because it’s likely that either me or E Harris leaves….So we will see. I love the work. I really do.  

Guess what... I finished the book of Mormon in Spanish. So what if I only understood like 60 percent of it. I prayed to see if it’s true last night and surprise surprise... It’s true in Spanish too. Oh and the mosquitoes are coming out like no other. And the mosquitoes here don't have rules. They will bite you through your pants.... they don’t care. So I've been showering in bug spray.

I love life. I love the church and everything it does for me.

<3 Elder Simmons

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