Monday, October 20, 2014

SnapBacks and Barrio Toba

Another week in the heart of Argentina. And let me tell you that the heart of it is really hot. Like 110 degrees with 80 percent humidity hot. Parental discretion advised for this next sentence, because it’s kind of gross. It’s so hot that I literally swim in my own sweat to all our appointments. But don’t worry girls I shower, and my companion tells me I smell good soooooo :) This week we did a lot of work with a recent convert, he just got baptized and he literally thinks that the gospel is better than sliced bread, which first off the gospel IS better than sliced bread, second off sliced bread doesn’t exist here.   He took us to every single one of his family members so we had a ton of lessons and new investigators. Hopefully we can really help them come unto Christ. We also have been working with a less member active named Oscar he’s like 21.  2 weeks ago he was really drunk and got in a fight and it turned out really ugly. Just like a lot of things do with drinking and drugs.  We later had a lesson with him and the spirit was stronger than Spencer Steck.   Shout out to him if he’s reading this. We invited him to prepare to receive the Aaronic priesthood. That was 6 days ago and he has now gone 5 days without drinking or smoking and came back to church where the bishop had an opportunity to give him a priesthood blessing of strength. The kid is a stud. Other than that I’ve been trying to speak Spanish find new people to teach, be obedient and have a little fun. This week we had a lunch with a less active member, and after talking for a little while he randomly told Elder Harris that he could have two alligator skins. Ya real alligator skin!   It still has little chunks of alligator meat on it.  He brought them home and  put them on our plush tile floors and it smelled awful. I’ll give you a comparison. Those of you that know Salem Hills, know that in the spring the soccer field is a swamp. And it smelled like my soccer cleats after playing a whole season with them in the mud. It stunk. But ya anyways we have alligator chilling in the house. I Skype'd home yesterday (because it was mother’s day in Argentina)  :) I had an hour but it literally felt like 6 minutes.

 I miss my family a ton, but I know what I’m doing is what I’m supposed to be doing.  We are all on this earth to learn and grow, to make decisions. And this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m loving every minute.

Much Love From  Elder Tanner Matthew Simmons

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