Friday, May 20, 2016

The beginning of the end 5-10-16

So another week flew by................... We basically didn't spend any time in the area this week and I'll tell you why. So Monday was Pday. Then Tuesday we worked in the morning but then in the afternoon we were supposed to take a bus to a meeting that we had with a Seventy Elder Salas in Resistencia.... and long story short, the bus broke and came almost 6 hours late.... So we just sat on a bench in the cold for 6 hours :) Then I slept all night on the bus and got to Resistencia Wednesday morning. Elder Salas was sweet. He talked about what it really means to be of the House of the Covenant and how nothing in the work of salvation is casual.  It really got me excited to start my last transfer... (This one)  and just do everything possible to help others come unto Christ. It's such a privilege I have in this moment in my life. Then we had another meeting Thursday with Elder Salas but this time in Formosa Capital. So we took another bus over there and the night before the meeting we had to go do a baptismal interview, but not just any interview, an interview in Gautani (the native language in Paraguay) obviously I don't speak that language but the Elder I was with Elder Gonzalez did. But the man who was going to be baptized was the Dad of Hno C, a baptism me and Elder Johnson had some 9 months ago... The Dads name is M, and he is 80 and he lived in Paraguay because he got really sick so his son is taking care of him and the Elders taught him and really wanted to be forgive and baptized :) so that was special for me. Then Thursday was another meeting. Then we took the bus back to Lomitas and worked all Friday and Saturday 

Sunday church was great. we had an all time high attendance of 27 :) and 4 investigators came :) D (who is going to be baptized this week :) C, A, and N the sister of A. And then we headed back to Ibarreta to Skype...... so President Franco called me and told me that for my last 6 weeks I will be training a new elder :) I still have no idea who it is but we are going tonight to go and get him. so ya I'm pumped to just party it up this last transfer and just make the most of the time I have left. I love you all.

Elder Simmons

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