Monday, August 3, 2015

It's winter again

It's winter here in Argentina but that doesn't mean anything here in Formosa.. it's already blazing hot and it's only going to get hotter. But it's all good a great learning and growing experience right? so this week a missionary that served here 20 years ago came to our ward to visit his converts. And he gave me his IPHONE 6 ( Yes I held an I phone six the most advanced piece of technology I've touched here in Argentina) and took some pictures. I already love this ward here the members are the BEST they all want to help with the work... This week I went on divisions with our ward mission leader. A  55 year old man and we walked a ton but he didn't complain at all and we taught a few people that are preparing to be baptized. He shared the sweetest testimony yesterday about the missionary work and he invited everyone to raise  the bar. We might have a baptism this weekend, C a good friend of a member... Also next week we might have a baptism of a family of 5.. They are getting married this week. Luckily we have ties with a judge here so we can get them married in less than a week.  Then a sister  brought her uncle to church so we are going to go teach him too. Also another man named E, who is progressing good and sister M was a less active but here heart was touched and she's coming back to church with her husband (who isn't married..) as you can see the missionary work is booming and I'm so grateful.....I'm literally in the best area in the mission with the best companion and we have quite a few baptisms lined up including a family. 

The Lord blessed us with our our fast. I wish I could say that the fast went well too... Spiritually it went great but physically I almost died. So this is what happened. It's hot here in Formosa, a lot hotter than Resistencia. so I've been sweating a lot and I got a cough and we ran Saturday morning.. and since I didn't drink any water I became very dehydrated and I had a huge migraine and my whole body hurt... and I kept getting bloody noses. so I slept  yesterday and asked my companion for a blessing. Then I slept for 18 hours straight... and I woke up this morning feeling great..... when my companion was directed to say in the blessing.. I figure it was just a little test of my faith. The lord wanted to help me grow. 

But really I couldn't be happier.

Love you all   Elder Simmons

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