Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A White Saturday

It was another marvelous week. Everything went just as planned..... Well almost just as planned, but everything worked out good.  This week we were able to have the baptism of The D family and C, and also a girl that turned 8 and her parents are already members was able to be baptized too.  Everyone had a great spiritual experience  and a ton of people that aren’t members showed up to the baptism too.  

 Three people came to church Sunday. One of them we visited last night and just happen to be part of a less active family... he accepted to be baptized... We are also teaching N, it’s a family friend of the D family and we haven’t even taught him Word of Wisdom and he already stopped smoking and drinking just because he started reading the book of Mormon and liked it.   We are still teaching the C family... They are so close to getting baptized... surely we will see a miracle with them this week. Honestly we have so much work right now that it’s kind of hard to keep track of it all... I really don’t even have time to think,  but it’s better that way. I’m soooooooooo grateful for the things that are happening here in our area.  

Fun fact I’ve have been wearing the same shirt since last Pday.... It was overcast and chilly all week so I didn’t sweat... I just kept looking at my shirt and asking myself.... ´1 more day?? ya why not´

Something I realized this week about missionary work... that yes the baptisms were amazing and I’m sooooo grateful and I’m happy those people were able to make that decision, but the true happiness on the mission comes from working as hard as you possibly can and knowing that its exactly what the Lord wants, that’s when I’m the happiest.  The mission is honestly the best and luckily I still have quite a bit left :)

Love Elder Simmons

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