Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I got transferred.... After 7 months of Rio Negro I finally had to leave.
I’m going to miss it but I’m looking forward to Formosa. I’m here with Elder Johnson..from Arizona a great Elder this is his last transfer of his mission and wants to end it good.  Basically we are going to do some work. As for what has happened in the last week, was a great week. We are still teaching N and she will be baptized... sadly I’m not going to be in Resistencia to see it but it’s all good because I’ll see here in the Celestial Kingdom... And we also found a new girl named I. She is super smart, but we gave her a Book of Mormon to read and instead of reading the Book of Mormon she just read every anti Mormon blog there is.... But for some reason she wants to keep listening to the missionaries..... and we taught her that she needs to put down the trash and ask God if it is true. She really wants to know. I figure she is going to receive an answer from God and get baptized. This week we gave three blessing and we blessed the sacrament in the house of a sick member. I forget how blessed we are to have the power of God here on earth.... It’s truly a great blessing. The feeling you get to use that power is indescribable... really like nothing else. I’m humbled and very grateful.

I would tell you about my new area but I haven’t touched it yet since I got here last night. We have a goal of 6 baptisms this transfer and we’re going to do everything we can to reach it. Since Elder Johnson is going home in 6 weeks he wants to get skinny so we are going to go all out every morning.

Anyways love you all <3 Elder Simmons

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