Monday, July 20, 2015

Words 7/13/15

Well I'll start out with something sad. There are some kids here in the Computer Lab that are like 7 and they are using a ton of bad words in English sad.. ohhh and I saw a 7 year old smoking..... It's a sad dark world.... I guess that's why I'm here to Declare the Light.

It was a solid week I guess. Some of the people we had started talking too started hearing rumors about the Mormons and they don't want to listen any more.... Moral of the story is don't listen to rumors. But
the good news of this week is that our investigator N wants to be baptized :) We had a solid lesson with here about Gods plan.. We asked her at the end if she believes the church is true and she said yes. One day she woke up and the wrong side of the bed and here boyfriend who is member invited her to read the scripture  and as they were reading the Book of Mormon she felt the love of god and her family and decided that its true.... From that day on she hasn't smoked. And they are talking out a date to get married :) It's likely I won't be here to see the baptism but it's all good because this isn't my work.  This week's game plan is to just expect Miracles... and pray for them too and we will see what is in store for us :)

Oh and I'm am going to complete a year this week..... Which is exciting and scary.. But luckily I have a full year more of this work :)

Love you all

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