Monday, July 6, 2015


I’ll start out by saying that my poor companion received his dear John letter :( so let’s have a moment of silence..

Another great week of work.  We found some super prepared people like Roberto..... who asked us when we are going to baptize him hahaha and another named Jose, who really wants to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it’s true... but sadly we are dropping some investigators
too because they can’t come to church. This week the game plan is to help people have spiritual experiences and knock every single door in our area..... Although I have to admit after being here for 6 months I actually feel like it’s my home... haha i know everyone’s name and when we are in downtown Resistencia we always run into people we have taught hahahah. I guess you can say I’m pretty popular and speaking of that I get to share a spiritual thought with the whole mission about Humility Wednesday :)

Oh ya and now we are living in our new pench (apartment I guess I should make that clear)  and wow it’s a true blessing to walk into the place you call home and not smell a stench of mold and not be in risk
of lung cancer.

Ohh another fun experience from this week is I watched a man butcher a cow... and then he invited us over to teach him tomorrow. I’m 100% sure he’s prepared.

I just love the mission, I honestly do, it’s fun stuff. The other day my companion asked me what’s the biggest accomplish in my life... as I thought for a second I told him its either when I won the softball intermural championship in 9th grade or my mission.

Love you all; speed up the work because the Lord is at the doorstep.

<3 Elder Simmons

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