Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Aca andamos

Well Hello there. This week was solid. With a little bit of rain. And
well we have been searching night a day in our area to find new people
to teach. Seems to be a common theme here in the Mission. We met a ton
of new less actives and all of them with the own specials obstacles
keeping them from going to church. Fun fact it's easier to never part
away than to go back. But we had one miracle this week we found a man
who is the son of a less active and is homeless and living with his
cousin and told us he more god in his life and luckily that is our

Oh and don't worry my toe surgery #3 turned out great. and I'm on a fast
track to full recovery.

And I'm not going to lie I think my favorite part of the day might be
personal study. I absolutely love the scriptures. I'm feasting upon the
words of Christ and I'm getting spiritually chunky. But I like
spiritual chunkiness :)

We had a super stellar Family home evening this week were we blindfold
a person and they had to look for a candy that we hid in the house. and
the others in the room had to guide the person to that candy and we
watched the church video finding faith in Christ and we related the
two together.

And so we live in a little apartment complex and yesterday as we were
coming back at night from a long days work. we heard someone yell
`elders` and it turns out an elderly couple that are sealed in the
temple moved in right next door. Way to many Mormons in on apartment
complex if you ask me..... ;) we are preparing a baptism of E who
is the brother of E for the first week of June and so we are
excited about that.

But ya its all good down here and the work is going forward... little
by little :)

Love you all and happy summer :)

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