Monday, May 18, 2015


I want to start out by saying that temples are cool. This week down here in the Argentina the Cordoba temple was dedicated. The dedication was yesterday and was done by President Uchtdorf. I forgot about how much I miss the temple until yesterday. But the dedication really made me glad that we have temples.. And another fun fact... I have my 3rd in grown toenail of my mission. So I'm limping around until Wednesday when they will do all the dirty work. An ingrown toenail is just the side effects of working too dang hard.. also the side effect of being too dang humble..

Tanner with President and Sister Franco

As for the work this week, we had a giant meeting. Multi-Zone conference with president... and his son came from the United States and they brought a bunch of US goodies.. So that was fun. Then I had divisions in  a little city called La Leonesa with Elder Regelado.. And it was fun to work in a little town like that and get to meet some of the people there... This week we were looking lots for new people to teach. Well I guess I've been doing that my whole mission but especially this week. And we have been trying to get to know new less actives in our area to see if we can find any part member families and see if we can make them whole member families... we met a few and are teaching some of their kids. We also met a lady named M and she is super nice. We taught here about the Book of Mormon and she is going to pray to see if it's true... which it is.. and so we hope the best for her. We are still working hard with S so she can get baptized. We just need a little more cooperation from her boyfriend. One thing I've really learned on the mission is the importance of the family.. After being far far away from mine so long I've realized how much they have really helped me and a huge part of this life is finding and having your own family. that's one of the reasons that I'm so grateful for the temple that helps us make that family forever. I love representing Jesus Christ. It's a big responsibility. But it sure is fun


Elder Simmons

The pillowcase in Tanner's birthday package that was mailed by his family in March.  It only took 2 months for him to receive.

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