Tuesday, August 12, 2014

....And It Came to Pass Week 4

Hello everyone :) 

Well where do i start?  Elder Winders companion,  elder Sampson, woke up one morning sat up in bed and said o my gosh i know Elder Simmons.  Elder Sampson used to be in my ward in Lehi. He lived just east of the mink farms. I used to go over to his house all the time and make bike jumps. it's a small world. The Mormon Message about bullying, the one my dad really likes, ya well that main kid i met him. I just said hey you're the elder form the Mormon message and turns out he's Pyper Americas cousin or something like that. Anyway, once again small world. This week has been interesting and I've really been working on listening to the spirit. The spirit was something before my mission i was confused about. Before my mission i could feel the spirit, but i had a hard time listening to spiritual promptings. So this week I've been working on that. We got a new investigator, this investigator is supposed to  be kind of hard on you. She asks real solid questions like why she has to be baptized into our church if she's already been baptized? Why does God and Jesus have a body and the Holy Ghost doesn't? What's heaven? What's the underlying message of the book of Mormon? Now these questions are all very answerable but just remember that all this is a different language so  that's the real reason it's so hard. Anyway we are working with her and hopefully she will get baptized, even though she's a member because i saw her garments stick out of her shorts. Last night i was deep in thought and it can to mind...  i'm not gonna be able to see Derrick Jeter finish of his career :,( Oh well you gotta sacrifice for the mission. Me and some of the other elders in my district have been having Spanish Rap Battles, that's interesting. During our espanol study time we throw together a 20 line rap and then throw down right before we go to bed. Some one will drop a beat and then we do our thing.  It's safe to say i have the most wholesome raps in the MTC. Don't worry they all have a good message to them. 

One of the Sisters was kind of sick last week so I've been keeping my distance. But of course i still got sick. Not only now do i have 16 hours days but i have 16 hour days plus the flu. O well keeps me humble.  Elder Gonzalez has it like 40 times worse the kid as probably coughed up 3 lungs in the past 2 days. 
I was playing soccer this week too and i guess some kid from Panama that showed up is a Semi Pro Goalie for a team in England. His companion said he got a call from Chelsea like a week before his mission. (Dang satan, stay away from soccer) so of course he was on my team----and obviously we won. About the FBI background check, Rumor has it that some kid in the class below us didn't do his until 2 weeks before he left. And he still got his visa in time to leave to Argentina so that's a positive, but we will see. Then again that was from an unreliable source, i call him the "FlirtBag". He flirts with all the sisters and i wanna punch him. I actually want to punch a lot of people here. For some people this isn't a learning experience, it's a social experience. Makes me mad, and yes i pray every night for the Gift of Charity. 
My branch president challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks or 15 pages a day. Well since I'm an over achiever cause that's how Simmons family works i had the opportunity to finish it today in the temple.  I prayed to know if it was true in the celestial room. Well no surprise surprise, its true. The answer was as clear as day. The great thing about this church is that everything just makes sense, and then the spirit backs it all up. Although I've learned so much Spanish, I've probably learned more about the gospel. I know its true. 

......And i'll end with this. How on earth does a body produce this much snot in one day???????

<3 Elder Simmons

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