Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(Almost) Hump Day Week 3

Well it’s officially my three week mark tomorrow, and half way mark. Woot Woot. It’s been a pretty solid week if I say so myself. Someone must have fasted and prayed for me or something because my Spanish has been picking up and it all kinda makes sense to me now, so thank you. Oh and the gift of tongues is real. When I’m speaking Spanish in class its awful but when i go to teach, my  Spanish is practically fluent..... Kinda   We started a thing called TRC and it’s pretty much we start off street contacting a fake investigator and teaching them for two weeks straight. Elder Lebaron and Istarted that yesterday. We are currently teaching 3 people, Matias, Jonathan, and Natalie. Cool story with Matias. We were teaching him about prayer and the book of Mormon. We had just read with him out of first Nephi because he forgot to keep up with his commitment and read. Anyways i was talking about praying to know with the book of Mormon is true. I  had stopped for a second because i had the prompting to ask him to kneel and pray with him right then. But unfortunately my companion started talking about something, so i immediately cut him off in a way that would keep the spirit. He prayed and now he’s getting fake baptized. I know it’s not the craziest missionary story ever, but hey that’s what you get in the MTC. We are going to keep studying more and more so Hopefully we are able to really get the spirit in our next lessons. Elder Lebaron, well I’ll just say it how it is. He stinks at making decisions, I love him to death, but honestly I have to help decide if he wants red powerade, or blue powerade. I’m like the mom of the companionship. Sometimes i feel bossy but we have to get things done! I love him though he is super obedient.  Also something cool, Elder Groberg taught at the Tuesday devotional. If you don’t know who that is he was the missionary the movie "other side of heaven" and is based off of his mission.  He and his wife talked to us about the power of bearing testimony.
Now on to the the important stuff….. I’m an undisputed 4 time MTC champion of 4 square. It's whatever, i even beat the mission president.   Ok not really but the 4 time champion is still true. Oh and I’m kinda on a diet. Since the food here has been injected with more things and processed 13 times, i decided to go on a diet. (Don’t worry I’m not losing weight I’m just choosing the stuff i eat.) It’s hard not having gourmet food your dad cooks  for you every night.....So Simmons count you many blessings. The cleaning crew, bless their hearts, have failed our dorm three times now. Once because we didn't vacuum (i had vacuumed the night before.) And the other two times because one of us didn't make our bed. The dudes expect something short of perfection of us!  And mom I promise you, your jaw would drop if you saw our room. We left them some brownies and a note that says “You can have the brownies if you let us pass" That ought to be interesting. Vince heads out this week so I’ll say goodbye to him tonight, and then Z gray gets shipped in tomorrow so that ought to be fun. I haven’t got to escort new missionaries yet but I really want to. How cool would that be?

Oh and these are just all the answers to your questions mom.
~ The old guy in my picture from last week is my Branch President. I’m in a district of 10 people. 6 Elders 4 hermanas. Our district is in a zone. The zone is averaging 3-4 districts, because we get new missionaries every week and lose some every week. That Branch President is in charge of our zone with his presidency, He is a down to earth, smart man. I like him. 

~Favorite activity: Going to the temple.

~I share a room with all the Elders in my district, 3 rooms in a dorm. 2 people to a room. couch. 1 fridge, 1 bathroom. we can only take like 5 minute showers in the morning. It’s pretty packed in the dorm but its ok because I love those elders. I’m really close to all of them and feel like if been lifelong friends with them all. We are all going to the same mission. 

~The firesides vary every week, and we don’t know who talks until we show up. We have heard that general authorities have the potential to come but so far we have got Koli Poki, president of byu, member of the 70, and some guy in charge of something to do with missionaries in the church.

~I have two teachers Hermano Lounsbury, and Hermano Rockwood. They are both hilarious and Hermano Rockwood shares super spiritual lesson all the time. Hermano Lounsbury went to Argentina on his mission, to salta, so he teaches us all the Argentinian slang.

~I’m reading the book of Mormon in english and spanish. 15 pages in english, and 1 chapter in spanish. Once i finish it in english I’m going to read it full time in spanish,

Well church is true everyone. You are most likely in my prayers if you’re getting this email forwarded to you. Hopefully I’m in yours.

Until next week.
<3 Elder Simmons

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