Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 2

7-29-2014    Week 2
Well it feels as if I’ve lived here in the MTC for my whole life. It also feels like i got here two days ago. Anyways Spanish is slowly coming. I’ve learned more in the two weeks here then i did my whole High School. I can pretty much understand everything that the teachers and investigators are saying, now its just learning to string together sentences.   As a district we made a goal to only speak Spanish during breakfast.   I’m not sure why but Espanola makes things twice as funny even when it’s not. We got some new "Investigators".  I put quotes because they are all fake, they are all members acting out people that they taught on their missions.   This week i have two.   One is an atheist, so that’s wild.  It will definitely be interesting.  Everyone’s pretty jealous of me  cause of my good looks, and because ive received 7 packages and the rest of my district has got 3 total. So great work family. I have such a big stash that i started a black market.  I’ve been making some quick cash from missionaries in need.  Not really but I’m thinking about it. I got to take a 10 minute nap today, Elder Simmons living the MTC life on the edge. The schedule has still been the same Breakfast, teach, lunch, wreck some elders at sports (really though, the amount of coordination on this campus is about to go extinct), study then sleep. Those are my days. I really don’t know what else to say about em, so please ask me questions if you have any. Last night me and some of the other elders got my super loud alarm clock and hid it in the bed of elder Gonzalez ( the complainer). We set it for like 4 in the morning. Anyways i felt pretty bad about it before i went to bed, thought about going and getting it before i fell asleep, but i didn’t.  I wake up at like 3:45 a.m. and take it as a sign that i need to stop the catastrophe before it happens. So i sneak in his room and go to open the cupboard its in as i open it slowly i hit the side of the metal bed.... The noise was comparable to Riley playing the drums in his basement, if you have ever witnessed that. He didn't look like he woke up so i quickly returned to shutting off this alarm. I get my hand in the drawer and flip it off right when he sits up and says "What are you doing?" this was  Probably the scariest thing that’s happened to me since going to Mount Nebo.  I seriously jumped out of my shorts. Anyways I said sorry in my second language, espanol, then went back to bed.
I got to see vince too :) So thats cool. And also the Black Mamba, aka Alex Varela is in my branch. That was one of my goals coming here to the MTC.   Now i gotta catch Deesh in a few weeks.  
Anyway--- gospel things. At the beginning of the week i prayed for 2 things. 1) To more deeply love people 2) More deeply love Christ. God really does hear and answer prayers. I watched a talk from Elder Bednar " The Character of Christ". It’s about charity and how Jesus practiced that during his earthly ministry. Charity is basically having a Christ like love for all of God’s children. So i had both my parts of my prayer answered. Now I’m not only asking for the gift of tongues, the gift of getting my visa on time, but also receiving the gift of charity. Every aspect of the gospel is true.

Anyways Love you all. Talk to you next week. 

<3 Elder Simmons

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