Monday, June 22, 2015


Well a stellar week. Wednesday and Thursday  Elder Vergara and I worked our bums off looking for new people to teach. And so we contacted a ton but we met a few great people that have some serious potential. Friday there was a baptismal interview in La Leonesa and so we traveled down there and I had the baptismal interview with a man named O. He told me his story of how he has changed and how one rainy day when he was having marriage problems he saw to kids in white shirt and tie and he called out to them for help... but since it was raining so hard that the missionaries didn't hear him. The very next day the missionaries just so happened to come straight to his door. He said  'it's as if they were sent from God´. This really is the Lords work and every single person that looks for the help from God in their lives will find it. I've seen this way to many times in my mission for it not to be true.  And on Saturday we ran a away from a few drunk people and had some stellar lessons with Brother D and we visited a man named Walter. And wow the members help soooooooooo much in the Mission work. So if the missionaries ask for your help... please help them :) And then Sunday.............. no one came to church.... It was hard and it honestly hurts me a little bit.. But the work goes on. 

So here we have another week to work and invite everyone to come unto Christ.. and we might have to move Apartments again because the one we have is getting overrun with mold.... And yup that's the life.

Shout out to Thacker... HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK.

Love Elder Simmons <3

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