Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Welp I’m still here in Rio Negro Resistencia.... Which I’m pretty happy about... and I have a new companion too! Elder Vergara from Spain.  Which I am also very happy about because he’s super smooth and we were kind of already companions like 6 months ago when I was in that trio for
2 weeks.. and you already know we are carry the Restored Gospel to thousands this transfer.... I’m exited.

As for this week it was nice.... We had basically a full week to work.  We found a guy named ----....
well actually he found us and asked us to go by his house... and since that doesn’t happen lots..  we
went by his house but he lives in one of the most dangerous parts of our mission... and we went with nothing but shirt tie pants and a Book of Mormon in our hands.  He was super happy and accepted to be Baptized.  Now we just have to help him overcome some problems.  S is still progressing. She is honestly an example of faith even though she has a boyfriend that is a  little more hard hearted.  When she prays she honestly talks with God.   Her prayers are so sincere. And also N accepted to be baptized.. but she doesn’t feel ready and also she needs to get married. So we have some good things
going on and my goal this transfer is to have even more faith than I’ve had in the past so that we really do see miracles. :) I’m excited for this transfer with Elder Vergara and I love being a missionary.

Buuuuut.... I got robbed again this week. Nothing valuable.... except the word of God that is sharper than a two edged sword. A dude came up behind me on his little scooter while I was walking in the
road and snatched my hand bag out of my hand and then drove off.... I was annoyed more than worried but I hope he reads the stuff that was in there it could help him out a little. I have officially lost
all of my scripture bags... so I’m rocking a first aid kit I found in our apartment. I dumped out the band aid and latex gloves and put my pamphlets and Book of Mormon in there which fits like a latex

Also.. while Elder Vergara was settling down he flipped over an extra mattress we found a toooonnnn of mold... so  we’re going to head back to the apartment this afternoon and just bleach down everything.

Well I’m healthy (I think) and happy and the mission is the best. Love you all and  S\O to my dad for being the best the world has ever seen.

Elder Simmons

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