Monday, June 8, 2015

What Up

Well this week was super fast just like every other week. 

Tuesday: we had consejo which is a huge meeting with like half the mission and we learned how to be better missionaries.
Wednesday: then we had another big meeting with everyone in our zone and we talked about the things we learned in consejo
Thursday: Divisions again.. in Las Palmas with and Elder Trotter... He's kind of a tool.... No just kidding he's a super cool kid... he's just watching me write this.
Friday: We had more divisions with Elder Bess... 
Saturday: The only day we were in the area, but we are looking new investigators like always and we talked with S. and we found a new investigator named N that is a girlfriend of a member and she loves the church so we have high hopes for her.
Saturday: Some of the other elders in the zone had a baptism after church and both S and N were there to see it...
And today all the elders in the zone got together and we ate some sausage... and ya well that's the life here in the mission field.

Transfer this week so we'll see what happens.
Lots of love

Elder Simmons

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