Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hola family, how are you?  

 We had another great week, Wednesday we got back to work after p-day on Tuesday.  We'd been working a  lot with the family M.  We had passed by their house Saturday and because his schedule is weird but this last Sunday he didn't have to work --but they didn't show up to sacrament meeting.  Half way through Sacrament meeting I get a text message from the mother who said the alarm didn't go off.  So I went outside of the sacrament meeting while everyone was bearing their testimony and called them.  I told them that they could still come to the classes and not worry about being late.  Then they showed up a little bit late but I think they really liked it.  He is so solid, he would be a great member.

 Two weeks ago I was on division with Elder Lopez, we were working in his area and we had lunch with some members and we asked them for references.   They gave us a reference of a lady that is in our area, we went Saturday in the morning and watched the new A Savior is Born.  As missionaries we're using that video to get references to teach lessons and to feel the spirit of Christmas.  We took it to the reference, her name is M.  We watched it with her and she felt the spirit super strong.  She couldn't go to church yesterday because her cousin got in an accident.  She's a solid investigator.  I think she'll get baptized. 

Other than that our other investigators kind of disappeared.  C, we saw her Monday and since then we haven't seen her and we've passed by and we can't get a hold of her.  M was so solid and he didn't come to church.  We set plans on Saturday and he didn't come to church.  Sunday we called him and he's not answering.  People are just disappearing.  Other than that we are looking for new investigators and trying to help the ones that we have get baptized. 

This week we also had meetings in Resistencia, we woke up nice and early, at 3AM and got to Resistencia at 7AM.  We left at 8:30pm and got home at midnight.  We didn't sleep very much that day.  Basically we talked about the Christmas videos and how to use them in the mission work. 
This week it was cloudy all week long and it rained a ton.  There's a lot of flooding, and when it rains a ton all the little rivers flood.  The little rivers fill up and flood everything.  It's like the little river down by the Madson's house and when it rains it turns in to the size of the Jordan River in Lehi.  Anything close to the little rivers get flooded.  A lot of people don't have a house right now.  It's actually pretty sad. 

Something else that is heart breaking, Saturday we went to the R family.  G the little girl that is 9 that was baptized a month ago, we went over and the mother she understands the basics of the gospel.  She understands that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she doesn't have a testimony.  She understands the words we say but she doesn't have a testimony.  We stopped by Saturday to see how they are doing and she said you guys can't come by anymore, I've decided to go back to my old church.  That was kind of sad because she has 3 kids that don't have any hope any more.  We told her we respect your decision but we represent Jesus Christ and we represent His church and testified that this is His church.  But that's ok.  I hope they have success in the future. 

That was about all for this week.  It's going to be a nice hot day, the sun came out and it will be a sweaty day.  I love you guys ton and I'll be seeing you soon through skype soon, woot woot.  Oh the other thing my mission has been shortened by one week.  That means I'll be home for Thacker's birthday.  I leave Argentina the 20th of June, which means I'll probably be home June 22.  It got shortened because all the missions in the whole world are changing the time that missionaries are in the MTC when speaking their native language.  They'll be in the MTC 3 weeks.  So I'll be home a week earlier and we'll party on Thacker's birthday.

That's about it.  Love you tons.  Chow chow.

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