Monday, June 6, 2016


Hello family..... So another week and it flew by.... This week I had probably one of the most action packed days of my entire life... Let me tell you about it. It t started out that we woke up at 1 in the morning to take a bus for a special meeting we had in Resistencia... We got on the bus and right as I was dozing off I realized the bus wasn't moving.... And turns out the bus had broken down in the middle of no where and the bus driver informed us that rescue would come in like 4 hours.... But luckily another bus came from behind and let us get on...... So we were all good....... until at about 6 in the morning there was a riot on the main high way so we had to take an hour detour on a back road of dirt...... Then we got on another bus at 7 in the morning and headed to Resistencia, but there was only one problem.. There were a group of People trying to smuggle clothes, in the bus.. But as expected they got caught by the border patrol which consisted of us sitting on the side of the road for an hour and half while the smugglers acted like they had no idea that they could bring thousands and thousand of pesos of cloths in a bus.............. But finally at 10:05 we got to the meeting. (which started at 10:00) and that night we went to a foot doctor and i got my 9th ingrown toenail taken out :) Other than the at the week was pretty normal. Just inviting people to come unto Christ.... .. Love you take care..

Tanner <3

oh and my comp broke his bed so this is some pics of us fixing it... Shout out to dad for teaching me something about carpentry ;)

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